The Centre for Crop Circle Studies

Annual Conference  London
Saturday June 26th 2004

Photo; Busty Taylor

The Centre for Crop Circle Studies has been investigating crop circles since its inception in 1990 – these have mostly occurred in cereals – barley and wheat – and oil seed rape during the summer months.  The crop circle phenomenon has been the subject of much publicity and controversy during that time resulting in some polarisation of views, particularly amongst the less well informed.  Some journalists have rashly dismissed the phenomenon as just a hoax, perpetrated by persons known or unknown, or determined at all costs to persuade the public that they should not take the subject seriously, whilst others are equally determined that the unexplained nature of crop circles still makes this perhaps the greatest unresolved mystery of our time.

The CCCS believes in letting the evidence speak for itself, as well as encouraging those with different opinions and views to discuss the phenomenon.  We encourage all lines of enquiry, from basic field research recording of formations dimensions, scientific research into aspects of the phenomenon such as soil analysis, to speculation on meaning and metaphysics.  Indeed, some of the more esoteric aspects of our studies are now considered facts of mainstream science.  The Centre for Crop Circle Studies affirms its belief in the existence of unexplained phenomenon and through its continued policy of seeking hard, and conclusive scientifically valid data, yearly progress is being made giving hope of an eventual solution to some of the aspects of this strange subject.
CCCS Code of Conduct for Circle Investigators and Visitors

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