Centre for Crop Circle Studies
London Winter Lectures  2003 – 2004

All to be held at The Friends International Centre,  1 Byng Place, London W1
Times  7 – 10pm
Members £5, non-members £6, including refreshments.
Nearest Tubes, Goodge St, Warren St, & Euston Square.
Enquiries,  please phone  0208  671  5417

Thursday October 3rd Andy Thomas
A Review of the Season 2003
Andy is a well known author and researcher, founder of Southern Circular Research, the Swirled News web site and the annual Glastonbury Symposium

Thursday November 13th Laurence Gardner
“Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark – From Stardust to Stargate”
Laurence is a constitutional historian, genealogist and author. His book”Bloodline of the Holy Grail” gained him a UK Author of the Year award. He is Chevalier de St Germain, Presidential attache to the European Council of Princes, Prior to the Sacred Kindred of St Columba, and a Knight Templar.

Thursday December 11th Reg Presley
“Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us”
Reg is lead singer of The Troggs, composer and writer. He will talk about extra-terrestial forces that he believes permeate our world.

Thursday January 15th Allan Brown
“Squaring the Circle – A paradigm shift in Human Consciousness”
Allan is an artist, geometer and designer. He writes and lectures on sacred geometry and number. He has been researching Crop Circles since 1994, and the sublime geometry that underpins the enigma. Allan will share some astonishing insights that have emerged.

Thursday February 12th Malcolm Robinson
“Investigating UFO’s and the Paranormal”
Malcolm founded the research society “Strange Phenomenon Investigations” in 1979. He has published many articles a nd appeared on TV around the world. He continues his quest in search of answers to so much that is still elusive.

Thursday March 11th Marcus Allen & Margaret Novakovic
“Mysterious Egypt – An update”
Marcus and Margaret have continued their research into some of the unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt since their first talk in 2001, and will offer some intriguing aspects for discussion.

THE CCCS ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN 2004 will be held at the FRIENDS HOUSE, EUSTON ROAD, (opposite Euston main line and underground stations), on SATURDAY 26th JUNE.
Provisional speakers include:

Followed by a forum.
Click here for booking info and latest update March 3rd 2004