Site Info

The Centre for Crop Circle Studies

We have developed this web-site which we hope will provide, over time, a
large source of unbiased information about the history and development of
the crop circle phenomenon and encourage new members to join the CCCS. The
site will not be competing with ‘The Circular’ or the Crop Circle Connector
web-site in terms of content or
photographs but will attempt to condense and consolidate data, theories,
evidence and recent developments, so that those who come upon the site are
inspired to get involved and/or find out more.
Also the usual disclaimer applies; any views expressed here are those of the
web-site designer and are not necessarily the same as those of the
organisation itself.

CCCS has a number of members who perform various functions which is why
there are three different addresses for Membership, Back Issues and our
book; if you would prefer to write just the one cheque for the total amount,
please do this and make sure that you send it to the membership secretary,
Andrew King.

To contribute to the CCCS web site please contact the appropriate official
via the “contacts” link below.